mi chiamo Michele Busillo e sono una guida turistica abilitata per il territorio di Siena...

Guida Turistica Michele Busillo

If you want to have an unforgettable experience of travel in the Tuscan lands, come to Siena and discover the beauty of the city – one of the most fascinating Italian towns, full of history and arts.

My name is Michele Busillo and I am a licensed tour guide for the Siena Province,, in Italian, English and Spanish language. I live in this wonderful City; apart from guiding visitors to discover the various attractions in the City, I am also pursuing my master’s degree in ArtHistory at the University of Siena.

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Siena represents an exceptional example of entirely medieval town, which was declared a UNESCO Human Heritage in 1995. Among its old boundary walls you can feel the atmosphere of the good old times when merchants, jesters and artists crowded the alleys of the center, nowadays enchanting street that are animated by boutiques and restaurants which allow to taste of all kinds of local Italian dishes.

Here, some old century activities keep happening and renew themselves yearly, for instance the spectacular race of Palio , when all the city is involved in a great feast.

Tourists in Siena are mostly attracted by the beauty of the landscape, which effects an extraordinary sparking of colors, where the sweet line of the hills is interrupted by the elegant cypresses and ancient hamlets, and where the vineyards start to some of excellent Italian wines, such as the Brunello and the Chianti.

If you don’t want to miss any part of this historic city, let me serve as a guide between the wonders of the territory, by choosing one of my itinerary proposals. On the other hand, if you want visit more places, I will be happy to make the customized tour for you.

Discover San Galgano Abbey

The fascinating ruins of the Abbey of San Galgano still stand powerful in the countryside of Siena. It tells us about the century’s-old story of the Cistercian monks that lived there until the end of the eighteenth century.


We will begin our visit to the monastery garden, through avenues that are in the stylish pillars of the cloister, and then enter the capital hall. From here we will move in the majestic abbatial church built in the thirteenth century by skilled monks in the French Gothic style – typical of Cistercian abbeys….

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Discover Siena

He who comes to Siena for the first time must not miss a path that goes to discover the places and traditions that make this city well-known.


The first stop on our itinerary will be the Basilica of San Domenico, where the relic of the head of St. Catherine, patroness of Italy and Europe is preserved. In the footsteps of past travelers, we will cross a section of Via Francigena which passed through Siena, making it one of the most important commercial and economic centers of two-fourteenth century.

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Discover San Gimignano

Get ready to visit one of the most beautiful European hamlets. San Gimignano is famous for its old towers which make the silhouette of it unique from the surrounder hills.


We will start our walk from the San Giovanni gateway, which lead up inside the historical center; we are going to and pass along the main street, the obligatory route for the piligrims who passed on the Via Francigena; We will reach Piazza della Cisterna, the core of the city, together at the Cathedral Square. From there we can start the visit for the Collegiata, an extraordinary 12th century church, decorated by some wonderful frescos, made by important sienese artists…

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