The marble pavement


These are the last days to admire in Siena something extraordinary. Until October 27, the floor of the Cathedral is entirely unveiled to visitors, in the splendor of its marble inlays which cover the whole ground of the church. Already considered by Vasari the most beautiful ever made, the floor is decorated with fifty-six scenes made with a complex technical marble inlay; the visit to the Cathedral becomes a kind of journey through the history of humanity’s salvation, a Christian salvation that is already prefigured in the Old Testament stories.
But it is the presence of scenes with characters of the classical world to give the complex a figurative charm, because the pre-Christian themes recall to that which was the rediscovery of the texts of the ancient Greeks and Romans, something from which moved the nascent culture of the Humanism.


marble pavement Cathedral of Siena

It has until October 27 to take in the scene, after which most of the frames will be covered chipboard. Next scheduled opening: August 17 2016.

To visit the Cathedral of Siena, in order to discover the symbolism and meaning that lies behind the scenes of the floor, please contact me at