Pienza UNESCO site


Are celebrating in these days the twenty-year anniversary of Pienza, recognized as a World Heritage Site. The city of Pius II completes a program that has seen, during 2016, important events entitled “Save the Beauty”, aimed at enhancing and safeguarding the architectural heritage of Pienza, a village that, not surprisingly, also awarded the flag orange as an urban center that stands out for the quality of the landscape and architecture. On this twentieth anniversary, the cathedral of Pienza will be reopened to the public, after it has been the subject of a consolidation and restoration intervention. The meetings to be held starting from this afternoon, at 3.30 pm – which is the conclusion of a detailed program – they are not just the occasion to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of this important goal, but also want to be a moment of exchange and debate on the problems that affect UNESCO sites in the world, often put at stake by war – as the tragic experience of Palmyra in Syria has recently confirmed – or to man’s neglect.