Florence Cathedral Guided Tour

The construction of Florence Duomo, one of the biggest cathedrals in the world

Our tour becomes a journey through the time that has seen the elevation on the Florence’s sky of an imposing building, raised to the glory of God but also to celebrate the town of Florence itself. This guided private tour leads you to discover the vicissitudes of men who, with their physical strength and their intellect, created an extraordinary work.

Our itinerary starts from Florence’s Baptistery

The sight of the magnificent Lorenzo Ghiberti’s bronze portals entails to retrace humankind salvation’s story. Inside the building you stand with your head up to admire the splendid golden mosaics with Old and New Testament’s scenes and the impressive figure of Christ in the Last Judgment. Leaving the Baptistery, the guided tour continues inside the Duomo, where you can be completely enraptured by the bulk of church’s internal environment with its pillars carved in the local stone, called ‘pietra serena’. The vast space of the walls is where there are two important essays of perspective painting, by Paolo Uccello and Andrea del Castagno.

The visit of Brunelleschi’s Dome

After the visit of the Cathedral, we are going to go up for the visit of Brunelleschi’s dome, one of the most striking structures in the world: the vault which the great Florentine architect designed for the cathedral still hides secrets that, by climbing up, we will disclose. Looking out from the tambour, you will be impressed for the dizzying view inside the church and for the frescoes of the Last Judgment made by Giorgio Vasari. Once you reach the lantern of the dome, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the town and its monuments all around, from the Uffizi Gallery to San Marco Convent, from Palazzo Vecchio to San Lorenzo Church.

The visit at Museo dell’Opera del Duomo

Peak’s conquest is the unmissable opportunity to take photos of the city and also to shoot a selfie to share with friends and relatives. After lunch break, in the Museo del Duomo you can admire, thanks to the recent scale reconstruction 1: 1, the original façade of the Cathedral, designed by Arnolfo di Cambio at the end of the thirteenth century, here reconstructed thanks to a long and patient research work. In the section dedicated to the dome of the Cathedral we can enter into the technical secrets that allowed Brunelleschi to raise a dome whose diameter exceeds forty meters.

The museum also preserves extraordinary artistic masterpieces, some of which were once present inside the Cathedral and the Baptistery, such as the Pietà by Michelangelo and the poignant Magdalene by Donatello.

At the top of Giotto’s bell tower

After visiting the Museo dell’ Opera, you have free time, so that you can visit the last great viewpoint and last stop of Duomo’s guided tour. At the the top of Giotto’s bell tower, you can enjoy a whole view of the Duomo and the dome seeing towards east. Only at the end of this journey, you realize that a visit to the Florence Cathedral complex does not just mean knowing the story of a building, rather it is discovering the beauty of a great man’s idea made reality.

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