Michelangelo Tour in Florence: more than David

What would be a tour of Florence, the cradle of Renaissance, without to know the story of the artist that of Renaissance had shaped the myth on it?

The Michelangelo Tour in Florence will let you discover an absolute genius of all time who took his first steps in Florence, and it is always here where he, still young, engraved in marble an indelible page of the history of art. The tour starts from Piazza del Duomo, today an elegant urban space that, at the Michelangelo’s time, was still the open yard of the Cathedral, which, with the incessant work of the stonecutters and pulleys installed to elevate materials at dizzying heights, awed the young Buonarroti. Here you will discover where the David realized by the artist was originally meant to be placed

First stop of the Michelangelo tour: the ‘Giardino San Marco’

We will visit the area of ​​the “Giardino di San Marco”, the laboratory of statues and ideas where, protected by Lorenzo the Magnificent, Michelangelo was able to demonstrate, since his childhood, his great talent. From the San Marco area, we will move towards the Accademia Gallery. In this museum, among the most important in Florence, you can contemplate the masterpiece: The David of Michelangelo, the original one!

The Accademia Museum and Michelangelo’s David

Preceded by a suggestive gallery created specifically in the nineteenth century to welcome and prepare the students of the Academy and visitors who are passionate about art, the monumental statue of Michelangelo will capture your gaze from afar, the story of its genesis will conquer you. The great figure of David, left by the chisel of Buonarroti after several artists before him tried in vain to do so, is a supreme creation of the whole history of art; «who sees this work», wrote Vasari«do not bother to see another work of sculpture done in our times or in others by any artist»

The myth of Michelangelo

The Vasari’s words are still current, because once you have seen the David with your eyes and listened to the fascinating story of its creation, you will find out why the myth of Michelangelo originated …