San Gimignano Guided Tour

Guided tour of one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Europe

San Gimignano, center of commerce and halting place for pilgrims and writers, is today famous for its ancient towers that make it an unmistakable profile from the surrounding hills.

We will leave with our path from the Porta San Giovanni, an obligatory route for the pilgrims and the travelers on the route of the Francigena in olden times. Entering in the core of the town, you will be enveloped by the enchantment of Piazza della Cisterna which, thanks to the towers that surround it, is a space of exceptional charm, able to evoke, together with the adjacent Piazza del Duomo, images of the time when these streets and squares were frequented by merchants, poets and wayfarers. 

The San Gimignano guided tour will start from Piazza della Collegiata with the visit of the homonym church

It is decorated with two refined cycles of frescoes, important works fourteenth century Masters from the near city of Siena.

In the ancient see of the municipality, next to the Collegiata, it is where we will admire the curious profane frescoes of the Sala del Podestà. Walking through the ancient Council Chamber, frescoed with profane themes – and where even Dante Alghieri delivered a political speech – you will have the sensation of reliving the times when the rooms were destined to house the political assemblies of the city.

From the halls of the building you can access the tower that is the tallest one of San Gimignano

This tower is known for this as “Torre Grossa” – that with its fifty-four meters of height will allow you to enjoy a breathtaking view of the village and the surrounding landscape.

We will continue the path walking through the streets of the village that are animated by craft shops and art studios. If you have not visited the inside of the Collegiata, the church of Sant’Agostino allows you to appreciate precious works by Florentine artists of the fifteenth century.

We will end our guided tour outside the historic center

We stop at a farm, where you will have the opportunity to take a guided tour of the winery (on request, and also wanting some vineyards) so that you can get a detailed idea of the vinification process.

Eventually  you will have a tasting of wines, produced directly by the company – including the typical white wine Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG – associated with dishes prepared with organic production ingredients.