Trekking in Tuscany

Tuscany is a land rich in art, but also in breathtaking landscapes. Here are some trekking proposals to go and discover some of the most fascinating realities of Tuscany, including castles, abbeys and parish churches (Pieve), where you can learn about the stories of knights, abbots, noblewomen and castle builders

The Augustinian Hermitages of the Montagnola

Tra gli eremi della Montagnola senese, dove la natura rende questo un luogo mistico… 


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Monteriggioni and the other castles of Val d'Elsa

Among abbeys and castles, immerse yourself in the nature and history of the Val d’Elsa …

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The Parish Church of the Montagnola

Vieni ad assaporare la bellezza dell’arte e della natura in un angolo di Toscana dove il tempo si è fermato…


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Michele Busillo CamminarTe in Toscana, Nature Guide in Tuscany, tourist guide of Florence and Siena, between castles, Parish Churches and Monasteries.